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Our white young pigeons fly 1/3 prize (undeclared)

How I came to breed white racing pigeons for sale, I would like to tell you:

My name is Gert Cirkel. I was born in the year 1951. As a boy I had about five pigeons (between 1963 and 1968). Almost thirty years later I picked up my old hobby again. I became a member of PV de Faithful Doffer in Utrecht. With only 12 cocks and hens I succeeded in 1996 to become 2nd general champion of my club, although I certainly did not play for a championship. Going on vacation was more important to me than getting a championship. That same year I also stopped the competitive sport to start a few years later (2000) again with pigeons.

When I started with pigeons again in 2000, it seemed like a huge challenge to breed white racing pigeons. There were enough white racing pigeons for sale, but often of a lesser quality. I discovered that there are very few white racing pigeons that also perform well. I drove thousands of kilometers through the Netherlands and Belgium; looking for good basic material. During my search I even ended up on Tenerife where I got some very good white pigeons as an egg from which there are now several descendants of my loft and others.

Eventually I managed to get some good white racing pigeons. By crossing this with youngsters from good to very good performing pigeons (national and provincial toppers) with lots of white pens and / or furs I succeeded to increase the quality of my whites considerably. In the meantime I breed 40% pure white pigeons every year that perform well to very well with many fanciers at home and abroad. Soon there will also be a few eggs from Tenerife from the old white base.

Last year (2011) I participated for the first time with my white pigeons in the races with youngsters. In the strong association "De Groene Olijftak uit IJsselstein" our non-darkened young white pigeons flew in 2011 a price percentage of 35% !!!!!